Posts for the month of January 2011

Osmocom TETRA project goes public

Today, we publicly disclose the current development version of a TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) demodulator + PHY + MAC code.

The project home page, including links to source code and mailing list is

After GSM and DECT, finally yet another popular wireless communications protocol will see a Free Software implementation.

Slides of sideband GSM sniffing talk at 27c3

Sylvain Munaut was presenting on Wideband GSM Sniffing at the 27th annual Chaos Communication Congress, where he was using a series of four phones running OsmocomBB as a GSM packet sniffer.

The slides are available from

A preliminary video recording (simple dump of the stream) can be found at from this mirror

Please note: This talk was using a lot of custom software that has not been released and is not part of OsmocomBB. For more details, read this mailing list post by Sylvain Munaut

Slides of OsmocomBB talk at 27C3

At the 27th Chaos Communication Congress, Harald Welte and Steve Markgraf have presented on OsmocomBB.

You can find the slides linked from and a preliminary video recording at this mirror

The official (cut) version of the video will be released at some later point in time.

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